Your White-Labelled Platform

Grow your business online

With the massive rise in smart phones and tablets, the next generation of business men and women are going to expect services that they can access quickly online including commercial insurance.  Are you ready?
Like it or not, internet online quote and buy insurance is coming to every country that has a buoyant commercial insurance sector and for those brokers and insurers not prepared, their chances of survival are slim.
Give your clients 247 quote & buy insurance services via their mobiles, tablets and computer.

How to obtain your free system

You provide us with your details, we will then set up a mock quote system for you to approve.  This would be white-labelled and based on your logo and colour scheme.

Once you have approved and agreed a TOBA, our Multiquote & Buy system are already supplied with a range of commercial insurance products, which can go live via your website. You will be able to sell 24/7 and 365 days a year. We can liaise direct with your web developers if required.

White-labelled Multiquote & Buy

We collect all the money for the policies bought online, through a highly secure online payment system. All clients belong to you and all enquiries via the free online multiquote and buy system where it cannot be quoted online, are referred directly to you.

Where policies are bought online, all policy documents are sent directly by email to you and the client (which they have to confirm) once payment has been received.

You receive your commission cheque or credit transfer once a month and will have access to your own password-protected back office system to monitor your sales and stats 24/7.

Business Insurance 247 has developed its own online Multiquote & Buy system, offering a range of quotes from multiple leading insurers for various types of commercial insurance.

Naturally all clients using the system belong to your business and you have your own back office system to monitor sales and activity.



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