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Your clients can obtain quotes online 247 directly from an affiliates white labelled website which is set up for FREE, however ,if these enquiries are more complicated and don't fit the online platform they are referred onto our broker team who will conduct a full Broking service on behalf of those clients.

This is registered to the affiliates back office and if any client goes ahead with the quotes ,a referral fee will be credited to the affiliates account.

Some affiliate groups may want a specific insurance scheme set up for their clients and here we can help in 2 ways. We can build the quote and buy platform and introduce and negotiated policy wordings and covers with leading insurers on the behalf of the affiliate.

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Simple 'one click' automation for your clients

Our free online Multi-quote & buy insurance platform can easily be set up on your website with a white-labelled link to match your branding, allowing your clients / members to purchase SME commercial insurances, 24 / 7.

Don’t worry, as an FCA authorised Insurance Broker we handle all of the insurance enquiries, claims, payment collections and policy issuing etc; facilitated by an experienced broking team, giving you peace of mind that your clients /members are in safe hands.

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Unlike many other systems, the process of reviewing and categorising data via the back-office is exceptionally straight- forward. Our flexible approach means you can choose how to breakdown the data. Usual examples chosen are by time, date, product type, country and which broker bound / presented the submission.

Your back-office will help you to create reports and undertake in-depth analysis. By having quick and easy access to the data, you will be able to add serious value to your business by developing solutions to fulfil the advancing consumer requirements.


Information for affiliates

Our systems are built with ease of use in mind, however, it does not mean we do not provide any after-sales assistance.

We are always happy to offer ongoing support and training to help you get the best out of your system. Whether it is via Skype, or you need an on-site visit, our team are prepared to assist.

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What our clients said about our product

The staff at Professional Insurance Agents are always very quick to respond to any query that we have, which helps to give us peace of mind and feel secure that we have them dealing with our insurance needs.

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