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We can help you with clients that don't fit the online quote and buy platform criteria with our 17 binders in place with leading SME insurers we may well still be able to you with these enquires.

We also can help you with building your own insurance platforms using insurance connection that you may have and at low cost and rapid speed.

Simple 'one click' automation

We all know how much time is lost to processing administration and handling mid-term changes. Fortunately enough, your back- office provides ‘one click’ automation to save the day… and money!

Whether it is a change of name, address, issuing / re-issuing documentation / renewal notices, and / or higher limit requests, your back-office has the capability to action these with ‘one click’ delivery.

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Unlike many other systems, the process of reviewing and categorising data via the back-office is exceptionally straightforward. Our flexible approach means you can choose how to breakdown the data. Usual examples chosen are by time, date, product type and country.

Your back-office will help you to create reports and undertake in-depth analysis. By having quick and easy access to the data, you will be able to add serious value to your business by developing solutions to fulfil the advancing consumer requirements.


Information for brokers

Our systems are built with ease of use in mind, however, it does not mean we do not provide additional support and training services.

We are always happy to offer ongoing support and training to help you get the best out of your system. Whether it is via Skype, or you need an on-site visit, our team are prepared to assist.

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I’ve been working with this company for a couple of years and highly recommend them. Good price, good communication and always helpful.

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